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With our counterparts, Les Amis du Jumelage, we are maintaining permanent bonds between our Towns and providing exchanges of all kinds for our inhabitants with the aim of fostering through greater understanding, peace and prosperity for all.

Contact us at: twinning.beccles@gmail.com and we are now on facebook too. Click on the link or search Beccles Twinning Association on your facebook page. If you 'like' the page, you will be informed everytime it is updated.

Carnival pictures now in the Gallery - what a great way to start our fundraising and publicity campaign for next year!

NEXT OFFICIAL VISIT TO PETIT-COURONNE 21st to 24th October 2017 please go to the relevant page: 2017 Town trip 

Dates for 2018 Hosts will be needed for visitors from both Ahlem and Petit-Couronne 10-13 May 2018, Our official 40th Anniversary weekend in Beccles. PLEASE SAVE THESE DATES, full programme to follow.

There will also be an 'additional' visit to Petit-Couronne in 2018 from 5-8th October to celebrate the Anniversary on French soil, together with the Germans from Ahlem celebrating their 50th Anniversary with Petit-Couronne

In the meantime -  French Chat every other Saturday morning 10-11am at Beccles Library

Go to the News section for details of Twinning merchandise (to help raise funds for our exchanges), the 3 'A's Peace sculpture and links to previous visits

Photos of our most recent visits have been uploaded to links from the 'Gallery' but do take a look at some of the photos taken by our friends in Petit-Couronne on their website (by clicking on the blue 'Les Amis du Jumelage' link above). 


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